Paul McCartney

My favorite concert memory was in 2016 when I got upgraded by Sir Paul McCartney's team from a nosebleed seat at Target Center in Minneapolis to front row. In one of the photos on the left, McCartney has the purple symbol of Minneapolis music icon, Prince, behind him in tribute to him passing away that prior month in April 2016. 

My upgraded ticket from McCartney's show

The Rolling Stones & The Zombies

I'm a huge fan of 60s rock, so I feel fortunate to have gotten to see The Rolling Stones and The Zombies with my friend Randy. The Stones played at the Vikings football stadium in 2021, and The Zombies played the iconic Minneapolis venue First Avenue in 2022. 

Twin Cities Folk Legend: Spider John Koerner

Me with Spider John Koerner at Palmer's (fall 2019)

Spider John Koerner performing at the 10 O'Clock Scholar in the 1960s

While attending graduate school at University of Minnesota (UMN) in Minneapolis, the main bar I hung out at is a music dive bar established in the 1890s called Palmer's. The folk legend, Spider John Koerner, patronizes the bar. Spider John was a contemporary of Bob Dylan's and, in the 1960s, both used to play folk music at a coffee shop called The 10 O'Clock Scholar in the college neighborhood of Dinkytown before Dylan dropped out of UMN and moved to New York City. In the 1960s, Spider John's trio Koerner, Ray, and Glover helped lead the folk revival with their 1963 album "Blues, Rags, and Hollers." The 12-string guitar featured on this album was the first 12-string guitar that David Bowie ever heard. Spider John is especially proud of "Running, Jumping, Standing Still" (1969), an album he recorded with the late Twin Cities music legend Willie Murphy. John Lennon was a huge fan of this Koerner/Murphy album. 

John Coltrane's Drummer: Elvin Jones

Me with Elvin Jones in Boston in 2003

As a drummer growing up, I felt fortunate to have the opportunity to meet and see my drum hero, Elvin Jones, perform live in Boston when I was in college. He was part of John Coltrane's "classic quartet" in the 1960s and considered one of the most influential jazz drummers in history. 

My Instruments

My childhood drum set that I still play today.

The main electric guitar I play: A 1980s Ibanez Roadstar II 

The main acoustic guitar I play: A Seagull Entourage Mini Jumbo Rustic.